Doors – Laminated Finishes

The boards are made by M.D.F., 7 mm pressed by HONEY CUBE on a wooden frame FINGER JOINT. All the frames are made by BLOCK BOARD. The frames can be 75-100-130-150-180-240 X 40 mm oval or linear with infrastructure to accept button up gap covers and rubbers. The gap covers are made by PLYWOOD and can be 65X15 mm (oval) or 65X9 mm (linear) with adjustment 7,5 mm each side. Each door have on it a standard locker for interior doors and three double hinges.

Τhe codes 515, 504, 505, 506, 336 and 331, are also manufactured as sideboard door, thickness 18mm.

Vertical LIGHT WALNUT No 515

Vertical DARK WALNUT No 510

Vertical LIGHT OAK No 504

Vertical & Horizontal DECAPE OAK No 331

Vertical & Horizontal DARK WENGE No 240

Vertical ANIGRE No 263

Vertical GREY OAK No 505

Vertical OAK-WALNUT No 506

Vertical & Horizontal BROWN OAK No 336

Vertical CHERRY No 275

WHITE No 200